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EOS Congress in Cairo

EOS Congress in Cairo


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About us


 We are specialized in laboratory instruments and accessories for Europe and the Middle East. Our experience of many years and our appropriate specialization enable us to gain the confidence of many German suppliers and numerous customers from Europe and Arab countries.

Our customers are universities, research centers and all types of laboratories in Europe and Arab countries.

  Our products :

We are able to supply laboratory instruments and chemicals as well as appropriate accessories for each scientific laboratory analysis and diverse instruments from famous manufacturer such as. IKA, gfc and many others. we procure usually time near for you and take over the organization of transport. You will find here some of our supplied products.

  What makes us different :

- You can make your order or inquiries over telephone, fax, email and by normal  postal mail.
- Fast supply of ordered products and/or devices.
- Worldwide delivery
- Agents of many major completions.
- Multi-language friendly, customer-oriented services and products support.
- Some commodities are supplied without delivery fees.

‫,‪ We support some of the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotech, education‬‬ and high-tech production institutions with services that eliminate distractions‬‬ from core R&D activities. we create value for our customers by providing‬‬
‫.‪opportunities to reduce costs and focus on broader strategic goals‬‬

Techno Test, we have been providing quality services to our customers over the past 10 years, we have focused on process business consulting,
validation, calibration, and as well as a diverse range of services.
We have made a commitment to offer customers our highest quality services with a single point of contact.