Product Details

Turbidimeter Turb® 750 IR

WTW Turb® 750 IR fulfills the demands of many lab and industrial applications for a AQA supported turbidity measurement up to 1100 FNU/NTU. With the Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility-Check (IRPC) reliable findings are proven.

Measurement conforming to standards in drinking water, lab and industrial applications.

WTW Turb® 750 IR measures nephelometrically according to DIN EN ISO 7027-1 up to 1100 NTU/FNU with AQA support and PC documentation:

  • Well proven WTW® optics with fast data output
  • Multiple measurement and data evaluation with Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility Check (IRPC)
  • Bench-saving despite comprehensive functionality
  • Invincible price-/performance ratio

Turbidity stands for an indicator parameter on quality in drinking water, waste water process and many industrial applications. The measurement is support by:

  • Measurement procedure fulfilling DIN EN ISO 7027-1 *)
  • Function keys
  • Comfortable menu-guided 3-point standard calibration
  • Flexible calibration with 2-5 user-defined calibration points
  • QuickCAL: 1-point-calibration at 10 NTU
  • AQA, calibration interval and records with PC-documentation