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Waste Water Set-Up MD 610

You have to react immediately to the daily control routine - no matter where and when? With the mobile photometer MD 610, you can call up, evaluate and share the measurement results of the wastewater directly on site on your smartphone or tablet with your team. The interference filters ensure increased reproducibility of the results. With 120 pre-programmed methods and memory space for around 500 measured values, you are flexible in your routine work. With the RD 125 thermoreactor with 24 holes for 16 mm tubes, precisely fitting reagents for COD measurement and the appropriate accessories, you get the complete waste water set-up from a single source and save costs.


Ammonia HR TT 1.0 - 50 mg/L N M66 Salicylate
COD LMR TT 15 - 300 mg/L COD M133 Dichromate / H2SO4
COD LR TT 3 - 150 mg/L COD M130 Dichromate / H2SO4
COD MR TT 20 - 1500 mg/L COD M131 Dichromate / H2SO4
Nitrate TT 1 - 30 mg/L N M265 Chromotropic Acid
Nitrite PP 0.01 - 0.3 mg/L N M272 Diazotation
Phosphate h. TT 0.02 - 1.6 mg/L P M325 Phosphomolybdenum Blue
TN HR TT 5 - 150 mg/L N M281 Persulphate Digestion