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Filterphotometer photoLab® S12 - WTW

WTW - photoLab® S12 Filter photometer for comprehensive routine analysis in water, galvanics in universities, service and industrial labs
Maximum comfort at minimal costs! The photoLab® S12 filter photometer with 12 wavelengths combines lab precision with maximum speed up to economic trace analysis. Place cuvette, read result, done! Optional photoLab® S12-A with recheargable batteries for onsite measurements.

• Barcode and cuvette recognition for round and rectangular cuvettes
• Approx. 180 programs including trace analysis and color
•AQA/IQC multi-level
•User-defined methods

photoLab® S12 with reference beam optics has 12 wavelengths for test kits in 16 mm round and rectangular cuvettes. It is easy to use and maintenance-free. The unique barcode system is supporting both 16 mm cell tests and the more economic reagent tests using 10, 20 and 50 mm cuvettes. The automatic cuvette recognitions allows the unique automatic measurement range switch.

Thus, especially in drinking water analytics, the lowest concentration ranges can be detected. In addition to the almost 200 programmed methods, 100 user-dfined methods can be programmed and kinetic measurements are possible. This allows for a comprehensive routine operation in wastewater and drinking water, food industry as well as in service and teaching labs.

The device is very efficient and economic for:
• Routine determinations for a large number of samples
• Measurement of lowest concentrations
• Special tasks with user-defined methods